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Educational campus redesign

Clearly, the predictable, rectilinear and frequently flat, paved open spaces of many academic facilities are poorly suited to the stimulation of children's senses. In addition to horticultural aspects, educational concerns play a fundamental role in our planning. The development of the sense through movement is a key aspect of children's learning experience in school.

The goal of our planning is to create a natural playground with the widest possible range of green recreation areas. Spaces for diverse sport and play activities, such as watercourses, slides, climbing frames, bridges, willow huts or crawling spaces are created with sensitively remodeled terrain and planted hills. The surface coverings are refreshingly varied and unconventional, in order to enhance the learning experience of children.

The use of ecologically sound building materials and the integration of existing elements (concrete slabs, sand, etc.) are indispensable components of a cost effective and resource saving design.

We regularly include the intended end users in the planning and production of the individual playground/campus segments.

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